Story of Bhoomi Agro Industries

Mr. Kiranbhai Kathiriya
Founder of Bhoomi Agro Industries

Belonging from middle class family & my father owned a small shop in small village and earned normal income. From childhood, I am ready to learn technological things Agricultural implements. But I am always thought of building my own empire.

In childhood, at the age of 12, Due to my interest area of Electronics I opened the spare-parts of Refrigerator, TV, Radio, Wrist Watch, Iron, Tube light and done many experiments with the electronic equipments.

I moved on at the Land of Opportunity - Rajkot with the lots of blessing of my parents. Firstly I started doing job, under daily Wages of Rs 60. I continued the job till 6 months. Within that 6 months owner had given me the responsibilities of the entire unit. Just because of my grasping power and enthusiasm and to learn new things. After 6 months I wanted to leave that particular job. After the 1 year job experience, I was ready to make my own unit.

A Complete guidance was provided by my Brother in-law, Mr. Ghanshyam Meghani. The 1st year, the production of 14 Ox Driven Seed Drill was done. 2nd year the production of 50 Ox driven Seed Drill was done. Where I sold 20-25 pcs of Seed Drill and remaining was sold on credit. In the 3rd year i.e. 2001, company produced 500 pcs. Of Seed Drill.

Eventfully, earthquake took place in the Gujarat, and the government declared the distribution of Seed Drill in half prices to the Farmers. At that time I was unaware about the tenders of government and the loss were huge.

I didnt want to quit and therefore I decided to take some of the Seed Drill out there in Somnath Junagath and near-by Village regions to sell.

One more time I am in the hardcore selling zone where I arranged the matador and loaded some of the Seed Drills and started my own salesmanship in many villages including the region of Junagadh and nearby villages and many other villages of Gujarat state. Somehow I managed that critical situation for sustaining of my company.

And Another New Beautiful Innings In 2002, I got married and my new life began.

I took the first bigger opportunity for me and Bhoomi Agro Industries. The order was of making a big Dustbin Container in large quantities. After some days I realized that I am not getting enough margins in the same and thus decided not to do the same work anymore.

I was struggling, though I started a new venture as an option to agriculture, which was production of Spare parts of Textile Machinery Production. The reason behind Spare parts of Textile Machinery business was to make constant income, to fulfill the need of Bhoomi Agro. On the continues basis, the income became 30k And confidence went higher.

In 2006-07, Seed Drill, sales went up and company took a Growth. In 2009, Valuation of company was of Rs 25 lacs. I thought of shifting the land in Mavdi Area Rajkot with Rs. 13,11,000/-.

In 2010, again I took the decision of purchasing a land in an industrial area i.e. in Metoda. Now Company was in burden of earning 2 lacks per month compulsorily. In 2012, I focused more on Seed Drill, putting aside the Textile Business.

Likewise, the next opportunity knocking in 2014. It was one more turning point for me and my company. The Grand order of Seed drill from Maharashtra was one of the dreams of this Industry. As the company was growing, competitors are ready to compete with us.

But I worked hard and A smaller part 500 pcs given to company. When inspection took place, during the assembly of the product, the other partys product could not be assembled and therefore got rejected where company Product did not had any Fault so got through the inspection successfully.

Second order was of 2500 Seed Drill and that was also done by company. Total 4000 Pcs. of Seed Drill was done by company. Later on, One of the biggest decisions that I took for expansion i.e. to shift its place to larger land to make the production more and to combine all his units at one place, Its Area is of 3000 Sq. Meter. After that particular deal, company need to earn 10 lac per month compulsorily.

Till 2017 the product Seed Drill was the most successful product in the Gujarat. Well I believe in the Distinct Forte of Each Employees and gave the work accordingly. And just because of that we will get expertise from all tasks.

Its been 8 months joined Smmart- a Company is on good Level, Company moved on from Monotonous to Auto Mode work. Till now the company was centralized, everything was controlled by the owner and therefore I was not able to manage the time for his personal activities.

Smmart taught to decentralize the role and responsibilities. Slowly I divided responsibilities to the management level. New recruitment has been made. Good Qualified people hired to improve the scenario.

Product Line increased and Company started the multi-product production. I know my distinct forte which is Research and Development, where I focus more and give less time to other things which gave me the best results. I am truly inspired by Mr. Ratan Tata, and follow him passionately.

I firmly believe in the quality oriented product rather than quantity oriented product. I am focusing on better systems & Equipments in agriculture industry for the betterment of farmers. Currently, company is a very successful company and making its feet to other countries, being down to earth, to make itself and India feel proud.

Thank You

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